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The Self-Employed Mortgage

Posted by Sean Stewart on 26 October 2021
The Self-Employed Mortgage

       There are many mortgage options designed specifically for the self-employed. Some lenders cater specifically to the self-employed to help them get the financing they need. There are many products that lender have which help the self-employed qualify for the mortgage they need, including:

  • Gross up net income
  • Add back of non-cash expense items
  • Use a portion of corporate net income
  • Stated income
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Property equity program
  • Total Net Worth program

All of these programs are available to help you qualify for the mortgage you need. Whether purchasing, refinancing, or renewing your mortgage there are many options to assist you to meet your financing goals.

Let a professional mortgage broker walk you through these programs to find out which option is best for you.

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