Purchasing a home is an exciting yet stressful experience. Empower your financing options and leverage your position to achieve the next step in your wealth building plan.

Your house is an appreciating asset and is a significant component in your portfolio. A mortgage is a secured form of financing that when used intelligently can assist in building your family's wealth. It also tends to be the least expensive form of financing that people can obtain. For most people, credit cards, car loans and unsecured forms of financing carry higher interest rates than a mortgage.

Obtaining a mortgage is about telling a story, and you are the star of this story. The story paints a picture to lenders of your unique profile that lenders will use to determine mortgage qualification. The key aspects of your profile include income, credit score, property marketability, assets, and liabilities. Sean Stewart uses this information to craft a story that positions you in the best light to the right lender.

From a lender's perspective, it is risk-based financing. The lower the risk of your profile, the lower the mortgage interest rate offered by lenders. It takes an experienced mortgage broker to manage the risk in your profile (to tell your best story) and to secure you the best available financing options. Sean Stewart has the tools, experience and lender relationships that offer a competitive advantage in getting you the money that you deserve.

Your home is a place of security for your family, and it is a symbol of pride and success. It is critically important that we obtain the right financing that matches your wealth-building goals. Let's start building your story and discuss how this amazing tool, we call a mortgage, can empower your dreams!

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