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MORTGAGE LENDERS - Find the Right Lender for You

Posted by Sean Stewart on 12 July 2021
MORTGAGE LENDERS - Find the Right Lender for You
When you ask people which mortgage lenders are in the Canadian market place, most people will name the six large retail banks. But did you know that there are 83 banks registered in Canada? Plus many other credit unions and trust companies. Not all of these institutions lend mortgage money but I bet this fact just expanded your understanding of the market place.

All of these institutions including the big six banks are regulated by the same government agency called the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders in the market place that are safe and highly regulated.

Expand your mind to a whole new world of mortgage lenders. Many lenders offer competitive rates and a diverse product mix. Every lender has their specific borrower niche, including the big six banks, of who the type of business they want to attract. Everyone has a unique borrowing profile and you need to find the lender that best matches you and your borrowing goals.

There is a lender for everyone! Allow an experienced mortgage broker to find the perfect lender for you.

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